QuantumBodyMusic Single instruments lead down a meandering, pleasant path of melody, through a lush and harmonous soundscape.

QuantumBodyMusic is designed to accompany bodywork, healing modalities, meditation, relaxation, and mindful, healthy exercise such as Yoga or Tai Chi or sex. The heart slows and breathing relaxes as the first few songs slow in pace and intensity. As you settle in to the treatment table or yoga mat, brainwaves entrain to alpha and delta freqencies to facilitate deep healing.

Various lead instruments anchor the ear to the ever-changing present moment, including guitar, piano, clarinet, violin and singing bowls. Distant percussion stirs primitive patterns of thought, while sparse vocals with no words, sounds of sutras and breathwork blend in to the mix, leading the listener into a blissful state within the body. 

The album is a collaboration between Scott Hatch and Jason Keillor. This will be the third album they have recorded together. Mr. Hatch draws from 12 years of bodywork, and 25 years as a musician. Mr. Keillor's expansive experience includes over 30 years of world-class live sound engineering, stage management, radio post-production, as well as performing original music as a touring musician at venues including the historic CBGBs in New York.

The composition was orchestrated to be a dynamic sound healing experience. Each movement is rooted to a different note of the musical scale that corresponds to the chakra energy system of the body. Beginning with the root chakra, each song resonates up the scale, highlighting the energy of each chakra in succession, and returns back to middle C, where the composition began: the root tone of the sacrum.

Using the principles of resonance, entrainment, harmony, these songs are written to induce deep states of relaxation and contemplation.
Both repeating and non-repeating melodies are at times employed to either focus the attention, or to let the mind wander. The musical movements incorporate changes in tempo and intensity that reflect the desired change in metabolic rates during a bodywork session.

The collection draws from the styles of New Age, Ambient, Samba, Jazz and Jazz Fusion, and Trance.

Thematically, the songs move from outside the body to deep within, from “Skin,” and “Blood” to “Bones,” and “Marrow.”

A flow of water sounds grows throughout the album, from subtle drops in a pond, to a babbling brook and rain, and at last waves wash over as white noise as they finally find a shallow beach from far out at sea.

1.    SKIN
2.       FASCIA
3.       BLOOD
4.       MUSCLE
5.       BONES
6.       MARROW
7.       BREATH
8.       CHI
  • Harmonious tones make the body produce serotonin
  • Tune your chakras to their native notes. Every object has an innate resonance. Your body remembers its sonic blueprint, and will entrain with pure tones
  • Soundwaves knock loose the "metabolic dust" for the circulatory system to sweep away and filter through excretion

Coming soon to bodywork and yoga studios near you! Listen free online:
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July 2016